Do you have a store where you can shop?

No, for now we only run online. We have clear 30 days as an option on the website and always 14 days open purchase so you can order home and test and decide in peace 💯

How do you manufacture your chains?

We are the largest in Sweden in this type of chains for men, we have become that through our quality. All our jewelry is handmade, you can clearly see the pattern on closer look that it is not the same as all the cheap machine made chains people sell online.

We have several goldsmiths who work every day to make new chains and jewelry, Swedish quality is hard to beat😤⛓🇸🇪

Delivery time?📦💨

Always 1-3 days unless otherwise stated in the product description or if it is something in real gold that is made to order by our goldsmith after you order, then it may take a little longer.

Is your jewelry genuine? 👀

We manufacture in all materials! We have both real gold, real silver and gold-plated (metal with a layer of real gold on top). So you choose entirely yourself depending on your budget.

Can your gold-plated chains rust?⛓

They cannot possibly rust, the gold layer, on the other hand, with all gold-plated chains, regardless of where you buy them, can change luster and color over time depending on how you take care of them.

There is a reason why our chains have become so popular, the quality is great and they are made in the same way as pure gold ones, we send a card with care instructions in every order and don't worry if something happens to them we always help to fix them for free if you get in touch so it's completely calm 🤟

Can you shower with your gold-plated chains?💦

Jewelry are not bath toys as many seem to think😆 But if you really love to play with jewelry in water, then rather choose our real gold or silver jewelry over the plated ones because swimming wears them out in the long run.

But if you take a shower with them a few times, for example, the color won't disappear just like that, and if something happens, we'll fix it for you for free if you get in touch so you can be safe with them🫡

Can you make a pendant for me custom made?

100%, check under ''Pendants & Rings'' where there is a custom made pendant you can order directly on the website, otherwise it is fine to email us at and we will help you directly, custom-made jewelry is our specialty , best prices and quality🥷

How do you exchange or return?

No problem, if you haven't removed the black seal on the piece of jewelry you want to return, and if it's not a real gold piece of jewelry or a self-designed pendant, just send it to:

Kejsar AB
Mailbox 510
11411 Stockholm

Please include a note with your name and/or order number and let us know why you want to return it. And if you would rather change the size or model, write it on the note and we will sort it out. Please send trackable📦💯

Why is your genuine 18K gold ''expensive per gram''?

We have the best possible prices for our gold. If you compare the prices of your local amo goldsmith who sells stolen gold and accepts black money without tax, then it is possible that you might get less. We sell all our real gold including VAT, assessed and honest. You can pay with Klarna and split your payment and always receive a receipt so that you can insure the jewelry in your home insurance, so that you can be compensated if you lose or have it stolen. In addition, we ALWAYS deliver quality.

Another thing that is important to understand is that you cannot always count gold ''per gram''. Smaller chains that don't weigh that much or advanced jewelry (eg our hollow versions, which no other goldsmith in Sweden can make for you unless they happen to have one ready) are extremely time-consuming and cost a lot in labor because it takes so many hours to manufacture the jewelery in advance. So you can't always count gold ''per gram'' as if it were a sheep.

What's also important to know is that even the jewelry you pay more for can sell for more, the secondary market for gold is really big, so buying gold is always a smart choice, and which so far has only increased in value over time! Much safer in terms of value than having the money in a savings account which loses its value with inflation and does not go up.

Welcome to order Real Gold from us🤝💫