These purchase conditions apply between Kejsar AB with org. no. 559217-7140 who owns the website and you who place an order from us via the website. In this policy, you can read about how we process your personal data when you shop with us.

You who trade as a private person need to be over 16 years of age and not be under guardianship. If you are under 16, your guardian's consent is required to order from us. All frauds are reported to the police.
We may change these Terms at any time, but the changes you agreed to at the time of your purchase will always apply to that purchase. In order to make a purchase via the Website, you must accept the terms of purchase.

Consumer protection

1. For private consumers, the Swedish Consumer Purchase Act and the Distance Act apply.

2. The Swedish Purchase Act applies to companies.

After the order is received, sends you an order confirmation via e-mail as soon as possible, which confirms the order. A purchase agreement is only entered into when we have confirmed the order in writing and you have received the order confirmation by e-mail. If there are any questions about the order, we will contact you.

Prices and payment
When ordering, the prices stated on the Website at the time of the order apply, unless otherwise expressly agreed or if the circumstances do not clearly indicate otherwise. All prices are stated in Swedish kronor.

Payment options.
Our collaboration with Klarna , Stripe and PayPal offers secure forms of payment.

1). Klarna. Pay Directly. Pay directly with the selected account/credit card. You are redirected to Klarna's website when paying.

2). Klarna. Get First. Pay later. Pay with a 14-day invoice. You are redirected to Klarna's website when paying.

3). Klarna. Divide. Partial payment via Klarna. You are redirected to Klarna's website when paying.

4). Stripe card payment via Shopify Payments. Secure payment with their fast payment solution that supports VISA, Master Card and Apple pay. No fee is charged.

5). PayPal card payment or payment via account. PayPal card payment supports VISA, MasterCard, American Express No fee is added and you do not need to have a PayPal account to be able to pay by card.
PayPal uses the market's most secure system for card payments. All card transactions are based on the banks' 3D-secure technology.
All payments are made through PayPal, HTTPS secure pages with 128-bit encryption.

Shipping and Delivery
Shipping within Sweden takes place via Postnord unless otherwise agreed. All packages are sent trackable and insured and arrive at your nearest agent. You will also receive a notification via e-mail or mobile number, depending on which option you have chosen at check-out. All packages with goods in stock are sent out within 1-5 working days and we aim for the customer to receive their package within 1-3 working days.

Different applies to special orders. For example, when ordering 18k jewelery that is not sent out by us but via the goldsmith.

To Norway and other countries it may take longer. If an item is out of stock, the delivery time may be extended until the item is back in stock, we will inform you of this on the product page. We always strive for good judgment and for the customer to receive the package as quickly as possible. We have Free Shipping for all orders within Sweden and the Nordics.

You can also follow your delivery via the internet with your package ID, which you receive via e-mail. It is the buyer's responsibility that the address and telephone number given to us at the time of ordering is correct, in order to receive a fast and correct delivery. 

If the order is not collected from the delivery point by the customer, the customer will be charged the actual shipping cost according to the current shipping note from Postnord. If the order is not picked up at the agent, the customer pays any return costs, plus according to law, an administrative cost of SEK 150.

Right of withdrawal
As a private person, according to the Distance Contracts Act, which entered into force on 06/01/2000, you have the right to cancel a purchase within 14 calendar days of receiving the item. To request the right of withdrawal according to the Distance Contracts Act, contact us and we can see if you meet the conditions required to apply the right of withdrawal. If the product is used before, you cannot invoke the right of withdrawal. No right of withdrawal on special orders from the customer or if the sealing has been removed. Please note that you must contact us clearly by email within 14 days of receiving your order to invoke the right of withdrawal. Returning goods which are returned with reference to the Distance Contracts Act is at the customer's expense, and the customer is charged the actual shipping cost according to the current shipping note from Postnord. The Distance Contracts Act does not give the customer the right to request reimbursement of costs for transport & transaction costs or other services rendered. The product must also be returned well packaged.

Please note that all our jewelery in 18K real gold (not gold-plated) cannot be returned as it is made to order and is therefore special order. However, we are very helpful and if you need to change sizes etc. shorten, lengthen the chain, this usually works out well!

The product

All stock items have a specification of the product's weight, length and width. Due to hand forging, the specified length may differ by a few centimeters, the width by a few mm and the weight by a few grams, as well as differ slightly from the product images. Minor marks etc. which may have occurred during the manufacture of the jewelery may occur. We are not responsible for any errors the manufacturer may have caused, but always try to help the customer to be as satisfied as possible.

Please note that our gold plated products do not contain any significant amounts of precious metals or gemstones. Our imperial links are made of the metal brass and are only coated with silver or gold in a thickness of a few micrometers. While our ''genuine 18k gold'' products are pure 18 carat gold through and through.

Please note that our ''18k gold plated'' jewelry is just plated. Although all our jewelery has a good plating, sooner or later a plating can be worn or scraped off, which is completely normal. In order for the plating to last as long as possible, we refer to the care advice. However, if there are any problems with the plating, just contact us and we will help with it in the best way possible. There is always the possibility of repairs and more. We also assume that the goods are handled legally by the customer and are not misused in any way or marketed as something they are not. 

All our products come with a seal on the lock to ensure it is new and quality controlled.

Care advice :

We strongly recommend that you follow the care instructions to maintain the jewelry's luster and quality for as long as possible. We always send a small card with care instructions in each package:

Treat the jewelry with care, be careful when putting on and taking off the jewelry and do not pull on the clasp. To open the lock, pull the lock together a little so it's not too tight and open the clips on the side. Avoid wearing the jewelry when you exercise and become sweaty as sweat contains oils and salts that wear down the jewelry. Never use silver polish or the like that has chemicals in it. Also avoid letting it come into contact with perfume or water with chlorine in it. You can, for example, spray perfume on the shirt or another part of the body instead so that it does not come into contact with the jewelry. Normal water when showering, for example, should also be avoided whenever possible for the best possible durability of the jewellery. It is also important not to allow it to be scraped against hard surfaces such as a computer or scraped together with other necklaces, for example, mostly applies to bracelets.

Carry it carefully and if you take it with you, store it in the accompanying velvet bag. Wipe the jewelry with paper a little from time to time after use! If you take care of the jewelry, you will enjoy it very much and be really satisfied. If there are any problems with the chain, it is almost always possible to repair, re-plate and so on. So don't hesitate to get in touch if there is anything.

According to the Consumer Purchase Act, private persons have a two (2) year right of complaint regardless of the warranty period that applies to a product. Complaints must be made within a reasonable time from when the fault was discovered. The buyer must prove the fault in the event of a complaint. Faults caused by wear and use are not valid, for example if the plating is worn away or if the lock is pulled in some way. However, we are always very helpful. In the event of a complaint, pays all transport costs after prior agreement via email.

In case of Return, complaint or right of withdrawal: The customer is always responsible for the postage in the event of a return, unless otherwise agreed. When returning, the item must be returned well packaged and registered to Kejsar AB, Mailbox 510, 11411 Stockholm, and notify about the return to clearly within 14 days of the item being delivered if you wish to invoke the right of withdrawal. We process the refund as soon as the goods are at our disposal and approved at our discretion. It is not possible to return our genuine 18k gold jewelery unless otherwise agreed in writing, exchanges usually go well. It is also not possible to invoke the right of withdrawal after these 14 days or after the seal has been removed, unless otherwise agreed between us and you as a customer.

Information on the processing of personal data

Kejsar AB complies with PUL (Personal Data Act) in its handling of personal data. Your data is handled in a correct and controlled manner so that you can feel safe when shopping in our webshop. The personal data that you provide and that we save at the time of your purchase is used to administer your purchases and for marketing purposes (e.g. postal mailings, text messages, e-mails). We do not provide information to third parties.

You can write to us by email at and request that your personal data be corrected or deleted. You also have the right to request information about which data about you we process.

For support or other forms of user support, the customer is referred to our contact form or email address

We reserve the right for any misspellings or printing errors on all items in our range as well as these terms and conditions.

In the event of a dispute where the buyer is a private person, we follow the recommendations of the General Complaints Board (ARN).

Force majeure
In the event of war, natural disasters, industrial action in the labor market, authority decisions, as well as comparable events beyond our control which could not reasonably have been foreseen, and affect concluded agreements and commitments on our part, shall form the basis for us being released from our obligations to fulfill said agreement.

Welcome to shop with us at, and don't hesitate to get in touch if there is something you need help with.